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The Book + Business Story


“You should write a book!” How many times have you heard that?

I heard it for years… I had a message to share, and the people wanted it. But I put it off. Then put it off again, then again.

What stopped me is likely what is stopping you: “Writing is hard”, “publishing is impossible”, “I don’t have the time”, I don’t know how to market and make my book profitable”.

Fed up - it was time to put away the excuses, and make the dream come true.

That began the process of writing my first book, and the creation of a simple process to help virtually ANYONE publish a book with a path to ROI. Book + Business was born.

The Book + Business Publishing Partnership combines the best of done-for-you publishing services, strategic business coaching, and marketing secrets, giving you the incredible experience of writing without the stress.

This process changed my life and I believe it will change yours!


Jordan Mederich
Founder, Book + Business

How It Works


Phase 1 - Interview

We start with an application and interview. We focus on creating books that will impact the world and stand the test of time. When you win, we win.


Phase 2 - Unpacking

The #1 reason people don’t start books, is because they don’t know HOW to start writing their book. We’ll get your ideas out of your head, and plan the future of your book’s content and a strategic launch plan for your business.


Phase 3 - Writing

Work with our award-winning team to help you produce your content from interviews and recordings of your ideas, to kick you off with a complete first-draft. Then we work to edit and refine your message. Our Hybrid-Writer approach ensures you’re never left staring at a blank page.


Phase 4 - Coaching

Our Business coaches help develop the marketing and launch plan for your book from Day 1. Build your audience, Engage them with your story, and plan for your launch to hungry buyers. Many Book + Business authors create income before their book is done!


Phase 5 - Launching

Take your message to the world! We work with you to simultaneously launch your book and business. You might be a coach, a consultant, a speaker, a strategist, or otherwise… your book is created to catapult your expert-level status and maximize your lead-flow. Get ready for growth!



What type of book should I write?

We currently work with books that can be described as “Business”, “Self-Improvement”, or “How-To”. These books are most easily sold to specific niches who want to learn and grow. Even your life experiences can be turned into story-based lessons to impact your readers. We do not currently service fiction works.

What if I’m not an “expert” on my topic?

You might actually be classified as an expert in your field without knowing it. If you know slightly more than your audience, you have something to teach them.

Do I need a business to write a book?

Absolutely not. We’ll work with you to ensure the book reaches your goals. For many people, that means launching a new business that has defined clarity and an offer to provide to your audience. If you currently have a business and offer, expect that your book will catapult your growth and expert-level status.

How much does it cost?

Every situation is unique. Some authors only want our experienced publishing team, others want to start from scratch. Your book venture is a time and financial investment that is intended to produce results for you for many years, so we work with you to provide a plan that fits in your budget. Chat with one of our Book + Business Coaches to create your plan.

How long does it take to create a book?

The world of self-publishing has created false perceptions and expectations for authors. Some of our competitors boast “30 Days To A Best-Selling Book!” You should run from these charlatans. The best and most prolific authors do not try to create a powerful book in 30 days. While you likely won’t spend years creating your book, consider it like a beautiful baby. About 9 months of total production time, followed by a launch, is a realistic and fast paced timeline to be successful.

How can I become a bestseller?

The bestsellers lists are not what you think they are. Amazon is a list of recent sales, not gross sales. In fact, an author sought to prove how pointless the Amazon bestseller list is, by uploading a 1 page book (a picture of his foot), listing for 99 cents and buying 3 copies. He became an instant #1 Amazon bestseller in several categories, only to get a screenshot and fade away quickly. No fame and fortune, just the top of a list for 5 minutes.


The Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller lists are also not what you think. They are curated lists by the editors, not based on gross sales or income.


In essence, focus your goals on your growth and business success… not on bogus “bestseller lists”. We’ll help you define exactly how to measure success for your project.